Creative ways to upsell?

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I'm looking for an app that can increase our profits by up selling/something else else in a smart or creative way. We already use an upsell app so I'm looking for something a little different than just recommending products. I've seen some spin wheels, etc - I want something along those lines.


Any suggestions?

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This is an accepted solution.

You might like EasyTree - it's a free app that lets your customers plant trees when they check out via a small donation. You can also add a surcharge on top of that for your store to keep.

For example: if you surcharge $0.50, your customers will see it's $1 to plant a tree with their order. The app will charge you $0.50 to plant the tree, and you can keep the extra $0.50 as pure profit!

Try it:

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@jeanpaul2 , I found a new upsell app with a lot of Offer Upsell. Specially, I can edit Price of my product in this app.

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Have you tried upselling in the cart? That's a great place because the shopper has the product they want to purchase added in the cart; so you know what they're interested in and getting them to buy something better (and more priced) than that, is definitely a lot easier there. There are apps that can let you implement this: 


I know this is solved, but I thought of leaving another alternative app solution. I'd recommend OneSell by OneSell Apps

The OneSell App makes it easy to display Popup Offers that prompt website visitors to buy more of the same product or consider related products. 

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We have Upsell Cross-Sell Smart Tool app. It creates upsell popup after customers click Add-to-cart button and bundles in product pages. You can use them to introduce discounted products.