Cross Domain Tracking of Google Analytics

I know this topic has been raised by a few people earlier but there is still no solution. Is there any way I can analyse the journey of a visitor from the app store to my app? 


App Store pages and our app pages are obviously on separate domains and there is no way to unify the sessions for visitors starting on App Store and then moving to the app page. 

Google Analytics, of course, has a way to enable cross domain session unification as can be seen here:


But this requires making changes to GA/GTag code snippet on both the domains. The snippet in our app is in our control and can be updated accordingly but the GA code snippet added on the App Store page cannot be edited by us. We can only provide the GA tracking code in the App Admin Settings currently. Shopify should provide an additional field to add additional domains for site linking.

Additionally, Shopify should also think of adding a Facebook pixel to the App Store page.


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