Cross Sell for Added To Cart Popup - Which App?

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Hi all,

I'm currently upgrading my site to include cross sell on the cart pages - I've found a good app that works on both mobile & desktop, however I can't find an app that adds cross sell products to the "Added To Cart" pop-up on mobile. Hardly anyone clicks through to the actual cart on mobile, so I need to add cross sell here as well.

Can anyone recommend an app that does this? Preferably free, but low cost is also OK (less than $10 AUD a month). Thanks!

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Give Upsell Wizard a try. Its got a Free Forever plan (which supports 200 add to carts per month) and can definitely help you increase average order value. It scans the cart when items are added so it works with any them on desktop or mobile.

You basically just setup which products you want to trigger funnel (series or list) of offers. When a customer adds a trigger product or collection to their cart, they are presented with the offers you setup. This can mean that, instead of adding a single product to their cart, a customer may add 2 or 3, possibly doubling or tripling the amount they spend with you.

It also support conversion tracking and split testing different offers so you can judge which offers generate you the most revenue.

If your store gets a lot of traffic, there are also paid plans that are much cheaper than the competition. Even on the free plan, though, there is no branding from the app so its completely transparent and will let you look professional.

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Hi @talihapaige, I have tried several upsell cross-sell apps until now. If you're looking for full features yet a cheap option, I'd recommend Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool by Autoketing. It has 4 types of pricing. However, the basic one with less than 5 USD per month has already satisfied me so I strongly recommend you using Upsell and Cross-sell Smart Tool. Cheers!