Currencies Converter with custom pricing for each currency

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Need a App that show Currencies According to clients IP Address BUT also need to set every price myself to make up for delivery fees...

Please help? 

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Delivery fees should not be part of an item's price. They are set per region. Hence if currency changes due to region, you'd focus on changing the delivery fees for the region to match the underlying currency. 

With basic Shopify, you price once, per item, in the currency you bank with. Any currency display you provide for the customer is going to thus be an approximation at best, based on an exchange rate. When they actually transact, for the most part that happens in the underlying currency of your shop. 

I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure you cannot assign a currency to a price, such that it costs 1.00 for someone with currency A showing 1.00 and costing 1.50 for someone with currency B and showing them a 2.20 

Basically, themes that show off multiple currency still sell based on an internal price in the shop settings, and therefore at checkout, regardless of the setting the customer used to add to cart, they will pay in your main shop currency. So you lose no money, their shipping to their special region charged them appropriately, so your delivery fees collected should cover your costs. 

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Our app by Autoketing, Currency Converter Box, can recognize cutomers' location and show price in their currency. That is automatic location conversion. It's very smart and easy to set up. You just choose and click a box on the dashboard. All customers see their currency. However, our app does not have the feature setting the price for a currency. Price will change based on the currency foreign exchange rate in the world.