Currency change in a store after sales has been made

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I am developing an app to Shopify...

I want to know what happens when store owner changes the currency. For example if there are discount codes with fixed price, let us say 10 EURO , and now the currency changed to USD in the store,  it means that their value  decreased? (10$ not equal to 10 EURO)  Or Shopify will make the conversion and the nominal value will stay the same?


Also does any one or anything (like API) notify the app developers that the currency in the store has changed?  

Who is responsible for the currency changes and the Effects they may have on users?





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Hi there,


Thank you for getting in touch with this question. When a merchant changes their store's currency, prices do not convert in accordance with any exchange rate. This means that if a merchant changed their currency from GBP to USD, for example, a £10 product will become a $10 product after making this switch. For this reason, once a merchant has processed an order the currency on their store is locked, and they must reach out to our support team directly to have it unlocked. This gives us the opportunity to warn them of the implications of changing the store's currency before they do so.


As the numerical value does not change, just the currency itself, I do not believe any changes to the currency are communicated via the API. However, as we have now begun to roll out our new multi-currency feature, I would encourage you to read through our guide on migrating to support multiple currencies. You can also take a read through this thread which includes information relevant to what you've asked here.


I hope this helps, but if you have more questions, please don't hesitate to send me a reply.


Kind regards,


Victor | Shopify Social Care

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