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Looking for an app or some way to put a button on the order page (from admin's view not customer) that says Built, similar to the fufilled button. This would be for internal use only, I don't want it to trigger a notification to a customer. Ideally' it would just create a tag. 

I know I can tag orders but I would much rather a big ol' button as that would be much easier for staff who have to push it 100+ times a days rather than scroll to the tags section and write it in.  

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Hello @Shawn17 ,


You mentioned a button on the order details screen within Shopify. A custom app could add an action to the order, let’s say print barcodes or “build order” which when pressed performs some action. It sounds like you want to keep an internal status before you fulfill the order in Shopify. We can definitely discuss more if you send us an email at



Sam Bazargan - Owner



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