Custom Options for Facebook?

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Hi, I am testing out Shopify Lite.  Apparently any addons that require template integration will not render on Facebook and possibly other online channels.  In my case, a maority of my products require custom option fields (i.e. "Customer Email", "Vehicle VIN", etc) in order to fulfill the order.

I have tried both the HULK Custom Options addon and the Infinite Options addon.  Neither would work without having a online store channel and accompanying theme to customize.  In thinking that it would render the custom options on Facebook if I upgraded to Shopify Basic and integrate it to the theme.  Naturally, the options showed on the online store channel, but I never could get the custom option fields to show on Facebook.

Not having the capability to show these custom fields/options on Facebook will prevent Shopify/Facebook as being a valid option for me.

Does anyone have any ideas that may help to make this work for me?  Are there any addons that might work ro some other way to get the aforementioned addons to work for showing my required fields/options on Facebook (and likely Instagram, etc)?