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Looking for a good custom builder app 

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Hey there, @ThinkAram18 


As far as custom product apps go, there is a list of different options that you can view directly in our Shopify app store, here. Below I have shared two different apps that should do the trick depending on your exact needs:


  • Custom Product Builder is about as robust of a product building app that you can find. It is packed with great features and makes live changes to their product preview images as the customer makes their selections. Feel free to check out one of their app demos here 
  • Infinite Product Options is a cost-effective solution to custom product options. They offer a free plan along with a low-cost premium plan. I definitely recommend this one if you are on a tight budget.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.



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6 0 0 might want to check out our app....Tsunami Personalize + Drop Ship app


Note...there are is a common misunderstanding about product "customization" and product "personalization".  We like to say customization is about products and personalization is about people.  This is not our distinction we figured out...we learned this by working with Coca-Cola on their Share a Coke promotion years ago.  We figured Coke had it right.


Tsunami is about personalization and we built in the online designer so merchants don't have to deal with learning another app.  We also built in common templates they can select but realize we could never create everything anyone would if any merchant needs a unique custom template allowing photo uploads, text, etc we can build one for them.


Now if they really want product customization ...that is selecting or building online using components of a product, we can do that too with our online designer by integrating into the store our designer.  But that is a slightly different deal.

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We offer a Custom Product Options app. This app includes many different field types and no restraints on amount of fields or options you can have.

You can see the listing and an example of the app working at the following links:

Shopify Listing

Example Store


This app also includes the ability to add conditional logic and add a charge for options.

W3trends is one of the leading app developers in the Shopify ecosystem. We can handle anything E-commerce or App related for your business. Feel free to message me if you need any work done!
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May I respectfully suggest you check out Tsunami by iPersonalyze.  It is  two apps in one in that products are not only drop shipped but also personalizable by not just merchant but also their online customers.  This means you don't have to download another 3rd party "product customizer" app, get a developer to learn to use it because it is hugely complicated.


As Coca-Cola stated years ago with their "Share A Coke" promotion....Customization is about products (colors, sizes, components).   Personalization is about People...using customers images, names, emotions and relationship.  


Tsunami is the only dropship app that has a built in online designer that lets customers create what they want.  

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Hi @ThinkAram18 ! Not sure what kind of custom product you are trying to build but you might want to take a look at MyCustomizer. We are newly available on the Shopify app store.

Our software allows you to build a product customizer all by yourself and integrates seamlessly within your Shopify product pages.