Custom affiliate pages, payouts and automation

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Guys I need some help.

I produce apparel. I’m looking to find an app that can help me do the following

- create a one page customized collection for a given affiliate/team etc. each client would be able to make their own page to market and sell to their clients. Ie a gym owner to it’s clients, a highschool basketball team to its parents and so on. 

- not allow them to see other clients customized pages (we don’t want clients of the local highschool to know and see their rivals page on our site) the basket ball teams clients Dont need to see the gyms clients 

- allow them to load their own designs onto preset up mock-ups

- give the affiliate a login to see how much money they have made in real time or on a schedule. Also the ability to automatically pay out these affiliates after so many purchases or collect if money is due.

I’ve got a few of these problems solved by doing a ton of manual work however I’m hoping there are some aps out there that could help me.

The only app I’m using to customize my team store idea is locksmith. That allows me to make locked collection links that I can then turn into bitly links to give to my clients so they can market their one page site on my site. I do this for low end clients with small budgets and then gradually move them into a development store with my partners account. My goal is to get many more people into this process but I need some automation from the suggested apps above

Thank You for any ideas or info