Custom badge with custom text for image / Stock arrival countdown app

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Hi all.

The issue: We get a lot of products selling out. Shopify displays sold out badge on image. We get tons of calls people asking when stock is due in. 

I would like to be able to have another badge showing people estimated stock arrival. Ideally coundown clock to estimated arrival. But badge with ETA would do also. 

This sounds so simple but I tried 4 different apps, they either have terrible custom badges or none. Found one app (Product label by Freeh) that supposed to do just that but it didn't work properly and app had no support to turn to.

Any ideas? Thank you 

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Did you try the new Badgify App ? It got cool new features and custom html/css option that help you with arrival countdown as well.

Check it out now:


Hello @Antanas_Budvyti

I was wondering if you found the right app to add Countdown badges or labels to your store. You can use ModeMagic to apply text badges with an ETA written on them, along with a “Sold Out” badge on the product. The app is easy to use, so it saves a lot of time in applying badges to multiple products in your store. The app also lets you customize other badges, like “New In Stock”, “Low Stock”, “Limited Stock”, etc. according to your store’s needs. 

KrishiBoo_0-1620384993340.pngKrishiBoo_1-1620384993162.png KrishiBoo_2-1620384993122.png


Give it a try, I’m adding the app LINK for your reference.

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