Custom order status for admin?

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We need to keep track of order statuses in our admin. We want to move some orders to customised statuses like "In Production" so we can sort through orders more easily.

This is primarily for back end admin management. We're not so bothered about front end customer order status tracking.


I've tried TWO apps this morning. Both aren't working (both seem to be having unrelated connectivity issues with the developer's servers). 

  • Custom Order Status by W3 isn't working - these guys have decent apps so I don't know what's going on but I'm getting a 503 error when trying to install
  • Custom Order Status by Studio Six Apps isn't working either - successfully installed, looked promising (albeit with an unforgivably ugly interface) but the app fell over after 15 minutes and now we're just seeing an 'unable to connect to server' page when loading the app. 


Does anyone have any other recommendations? These two seem like the only two candidates that do what we want.

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Update: now also tested Custom Order Tags, Notes & Status By Ultimatify. 


It's painfully, painfully slow. In fact, it's just not usable. It's also occasionally bringing up internal server errors.

Why is this so hard? 

I'm beginning to lose confidence in the entire Shopify platform.


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That's quite discouraging to hear that you are having so much trouble with all of those apps! It's uncommon to see widespread, yet un-related issues with apps like you're describing, since most of them are independently controlled. I wonder if some simply can't keep up with the recent surge in ecommerce considering all that is going on.


The idea of custom order statuses is pretty straightforward, but I wonder if an app that is geared specifically towards order statuses is the best approach for your needs. Many of the custom order status apps seem to rely on metafields which aren't easily exposed directly in the Shopify admin. 


You may be able to achieve your goal with an app that can automatically tag orders based on certain conditions. Automated order tagging used in conjunction with saved searches can help make the Orders section of the Shopify a lot easier to manage. When creating saved searches in the admin for orders you can use a variety of different filters (including tags).


The Mechanic app comes to mind. It's super powerful... Not only can it automatically tag orders, but it can also auto-fulfill orders/line items, email customers, auto-close orders, and so much more.


Just some food for thought!

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Hi @Tinselworm ,

We can offer a simple solution without modifying the order at all. A custom Shopify app that syncs your orders with any custom status. Since the app displays a copy of the original any status can be applied and used internally.


Our build process is straight forward. A development shop is setup with the custom app installed. Once the app meets your requirements it is released for installation on your main shop. You can email us for a quote or more info just reference this post.





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The Shopify Admin allows one to tag orders and filter orders by a tag. What are you looking for in an app that you cannot do with order tags in the Admin?

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