Custom tax calculations

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We've got a client looking to use Shopify as the front-end to their longstanding ERP.   In their use case, customers have multiple addresses, some of which are tax exempt for reasons controlled by them manually.   They want to use a tax automation platform, but have the ERP tax rules for their customer address used for exemptions.

Is there a way to customize Shopify so that checkout tax calculations can be intercepted with new logic, ideally alongside an Avalara or Taxjar integration?

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@Holodyn1019  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is 100% zero way to interact with Shopify's tax calculations unless you are Avalara. Shopify's regular platform uses generic tax rates for each state and are only able to be modified by tax overrides. Years ago Shopify had a Tax Services API that allowed developers to interact and use external tax engines. That ended when Shopify and Avalara went into commercially binding contract and the API was taken off line or hidden. 

Currently, Avalara is only available inside Shopify Plus and is free for all Shopify Plus merchants. 

Otherwise you are out of luck until Shopify recognizes that us merchants need more flexibility and can solve taxes ourselves, if they let us. Colorado for example is one of the worst states for taxes and clients I've dealt with have to turn off Shopify for Colorado and use a separate 3rd party service to process Colorado sales with the correct tax.