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I have a very specific scenario for my shipping rules that I can't seem to find any extension that could solve this. Basically, I want to be able to set shipping rules based on the customer's tags.

Here's my plan

We will have 2 memberships(1 free and 1 paid) that will allow customers to shop on our store. The paid membership will allow people to get free shipping/delivery and the second one would charge a fixed amount for shipping/delivery.

The customers will have a tag to differentiate on which membership they are. So what I'm looking for is a solution to offer shipping/delivery rates based on the customers' tag.


Anyone know how I could get this done?

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Totally possible, albeit slightly tricky. You need to have customized checkout that would differentiate (unless you're a Plus customer). That would allow you to access any part of the checkout process, like payments, etc, in addition to shipping.

We can give you more info on this if you're interested, drop us an email at

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Hey Frank,

I know this post is a little old, but if you're still looking for a solution we have just publicly launched our new shipping app Intuitive Shipping.  You can try the alpha for free, and should you wish to continue to use the app once we officially launch you'll get 50% off your plan.  Our plan structures are still in the works so we don't have final pricing at this point.

Using our dynamic requirements system you can assign custom shipping charges based on various customer values including Tags.  I've attached a picture of the available requirement types within Intuitive Shipping.

You can install the alpha at:

Alpha Access Code:  bwAVGxxrAi


Let me know if you have any questions.




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Hey Frank,

I know this post is a few months old, but we recently launched our advanced shipping calculation app Intuitive Shipping which is capable of this set up. You can set unlimited conditons for each shipping scenario, with customer tags being one of these conditions. We offer a free 14-day trial, so feel free to try it out and reach out if you have any questions in getting set up.

Best regards,

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Looks like intuitive shipping died...


Assuming it didnt work...

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Didn't die, but at $30 per month and up, it is definitely on life support....

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All of these new apps offering shipping rates based on customer tags require Shopify’s third party custom shipping calculator. At an additional cost of $20 per month for users on the basic plan.

My store does not require a third party to calculate my rates and I am happy to offer flat fees that I choose. So why is this hurdle being put in place? Seems like a purposely placed barrier to basic plan customers to purchase a shipping by tag app and customer shipping rates from shopify.

If anyone finds a way for me to offer a shipping rate by tag to my customers without the need for third party calculated rates please let me know because clearly it is something many of us are looking for.



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