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I am looking for an app that I can use to provide my customers with zip code protection. Before I accept a new customer I want to be able to look up my existing customers and enter the new zip code to see if it is within a radius of my existing in order to provide zip code protection. Does anyone know of an app of this type?


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As far as I know, there aren't any apps currently available to do this on Shopify. The two suggestions I would give are to either build a robust excel spreadsheet that lists your current customers and their zip code zones (this is the route I would go), or to head over to the Shopify Experts marketplace to get something custom-developed for your store. 


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Hey, developer here. I may look into developing this for a next App idea if I can get the specs and motivation down right.


I'm curious to know why you don't want more than 1 customers close to each other?