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I make handmade bath and body products.  Although I make several hundred each release they still sell out fast. I have a high volume of orders each time I have a product release therefore my customers have to fight tooth and nail for the products they want.  Due to how fast certain products sell out they struggle with getting cart jacked and have to go back, add a product and checkout fast resulting in multiple orders per customer.  Im curious if there is a way for the customer to add to their first order so that Im not having to sort dozens of packing slips each release. I have the option to choose local pickup so my locals really get carried away at times due to the fact they do not have to pay for shipping. Therefore they will have 8-10 page packing slips if its a relatively large release.  I really am terrible and explaining things so I'm hoping you see my question here. In a nut shell my point is: I purchase from a few suppliers that give the customer the ability to log into their account, go to an order page and add to that order without having several orders. This may not be a possibility but Id love to hear any apps you recommend that would work for the time being. Thanks in advance!



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Hi Heather,


Sam here from Achieve Applabs an E-Commerce app company in Ontario Canada. 


I have read your post and a few things stick out right away:


*Cart Jacking (When an item is in one customers cart it's not reserving the inventory)


Do you have Shopify's inventory tracking enabled?


*A way for the customer to add to their first order (draft order seems to be an option although you can still edit a normal order within 60 days)


Take a look at this post apparently when you invoice a customer for draft order there is a link to reserve product:


If draft order is the ultimate solution to reserve the products and edit line items then perhaps a custom app can handle automate certain parts if not the entire process.


Feel free to ask us questions: 



Sam - Owner


Use Approovly to create and track order approvals | Looking for more Shopify apps?