Customizable box subscription and more buying options for subscribers, App recommendations

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I'm looking to build a vegetable/fruit box subscription service. I need 2 major functionality:

1) Customize a box of vegetable/fruit, with some constraints (number of items), and start a monthly subscription for it. I would want all major functionality associated with subscriptions: Email Reminder / Edit / Cancel / Pause.

2) I want an additional option for customers who have valid subscription to place an order with some constrains on products / amount, and also time like once a week - but this option should be exposed to only customers who have the subscription from 1.

I have 2 questions:

a) For 1) I think I can use Bold Subscriptions, any other third party apps I can look into?

b) For 2) I'm guessing this is not a functionality that would be present in third party apps, but if they have an API to expose the subscription state of a customer, I can probably add the logic myself. What would be a good way to solve for 2?

Shopify noob here, thanks in advance