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Hi everyone,

We are planning to integrate Bold Subscriptions to manage our orders/subscriptions. However, there are a few things that are not as per our needs. We offer customised subscription boxes with where the customer can pre-select the type of products, and we will send monthly boxes to their address as per their selections.

We need to collect some data from the customers to customise their boxes. Some customers may prefer a certain type of products, others will want a different type.

We need to collect this data in a form where the client will select his/her preferences. We are aware of Bold Product Options and Best Custom Product Options app that can partially do what we need. So...

Q1. We would like to be able to edit these preferences in Shopify / Bold Subscription admin area by ourselves in the future. The client might want to change the preferences at any time of the subscription. Is this doable?

Q2. Related to the above, would it be possible for the customer to change these preferences by himself in the "Bold Subscriptions" preferences page that the clients have access to?

Q3. The actual workflow and the data collection is restricted to the product details page. We would prefer to skip/avoid this page altogether or, even if we use this page, the client should only fill up his data in a later step.

Step 1 - Click on a "Subscription" button.
Step 2 - Select 1, 3, 6 or 9 months subscription from 4 options available.
Step 3 - Fill up the questionnaire
Step 4 - Place the order/subscription

It would be great if someone knows how a similar workflow works, with apps or with custom development to point us in the right direction.

Thank you

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Hi @BNBox ,


We're familiar with ReCharge Subscriptions and Bold works in a similar way. It's way more in depth Bold has been around for awhile. The preferences part of your request a custom app could be used here along side Bold. Could you kindly send us an email so we can discuss a solution for you?


Contact us here at or visit our website 


Best Regards,

Achieve Team

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