DHL tracking information sent to customers in German instead of English

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Dear Community


I use the DHL app and I sent automated shipment tracking information links to my customers as I fulfil an order. The problem currently is that when a customer clicks the tracking number link, the link leads to a German-language version of the site.

The tracking information is fine but I would prefer this to be in English. My shop is located in Germany but the site is only in English and most of my customers would prefer English too.

Does anyone know how to change the default language to English?

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Hi, Snack Expert,


I saw your question, your Shopify stores send a germany tracking link to your buyer, but you want to send enligh tracking link to them.


I think the Shopify team will give a solution soon. Just in case they don't have a solution, would you like to try a third party?


Our tracking app -- TrackingMore, will send email English notification with link to your buyer when shipping status changes (in transit, out for delivery, delivered, failed attempt, exception, etc..)


And it will generate a "track my order" page for you. So that your buyer can track their order in your website, which behair will increase secondary sales.