Delivery Timer - Order Deadline, Cutoff and Estimated Delivery Date

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Hello Shopify Community,

Just want to announce a new App, DeliveryTimer, that is now live in the App Store in case it is useful to any merchants!

It allows store owners to display an Order Cut-Off time with customisable message and Estimated Delivery dates.

The app shares similarities with a handful of other Apps but some key elements are as follows:

- Complexity. We wanted to make this App quite simple so it does away with complexity found with other apps. Now, this complexity is needed when stores have multiple suppliers and differentiating lead times but if you run a usual ecom store, this should fit nicely.

- Price. We have made it nice and affordable with one simple low rate monthly fee. The fee will hopefully be covered by the increase in conversions the app may bring. It will also clarify to customers information they may seek when deciding to make a purchase.

If you have any questions or need helping setting it up in your store, just let us know. It comes with a no-obligation 7 day trial.


Dan @ LaunchTip

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