Delivery date based on customer location

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My family business involves making deliveries across a wide geographic area. Some areas (close to the warehouse) are weekly, some are every two weeks, and some are every 4 weeks.

I would really like to use an app which lets people enter their address, and be told when the next delivery is being made to them. In addition, being able to then sort these orders by delivery date automatically would save me hours of manually checking postcodes and calendars! At the moment we have a delivery schedule with every area listed plus an embedded Google Calendar so customers can easily work out when they'll get their order, but many still ask when they'll receive it.

Is anyone aware of such an app that might help? It could work on the postcode (or first part of it), or by drawing selections on a google map.


In addition, we have minimum order values for each area. Essentially 3 values (again, based around whether they're weekly, fortnightly, or monthly deliveries). I have outlined this quite specifically on the website and order confirmation page but some way to assign an order value based on the customers' location would be wonderful.


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Hi Casper,


I don't think you would be able to find an app which will support this. But looking at your dilemma, it should be feasible to implement this on your Shopify store.


1. -> Google Calender offers an API from where you would be able to extract the next delivery date for a particular pin-code. You might need to create an appscript which will return the date and number of orders based on the postcode 


2. Shopify theme - Consume the API from the appscript via a custom javascript plugin. Based upon the Pincode entered by the customer, show the next delivery date with orders for the region


My recommendation would be to hire a developer as this might require some complex programming. 



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