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HI there,

We rent pot grown christmas trees. We need a system where instead of the deposit money coming out to us, they are just stored in Shopify and then can easily be refunded once the item is refunded to us. We are paying a fortune for fees when a holding option would solve all the problems.



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hey @TamaginiLeather and @Capture,

Thank you for your guy's input. I would love to figure out a solution to your problems and the more feedback I get the better. As for your concerns with Shopify, I totally understand how frustrating it is not having all the necessary tools to succeed as a business owner. Shopify itself is a great platform for basic sellers who do not need much customization. However, many businesses are now becoming more complex with different business rules and ways of selling. As more businesses transition to online, we find ourselves looking for more and more functionalities. It would be great if Shopify can do everything imaginable that an offline business can do but that would be impossible or near difficult to do. The system is very rigid and it does work flawlessly for what it was intended to do. I would compare Shopify's ecosystem to how Apple ecosystem works. You get what you pay for out of the box and things work great. Anything out of that scope would require apps to make it fit for your business. The alternative would be is to hire a developer to build you a custom web application to do exactly what you need. However, software developers are not cheap to hire and it would take months to get something working that is bug-free. So the trade off is having shopify with 3rd party app developers to make the system work for business owners. The argument is the same with Wordpress. It was not mean't to be a ecommerce platform but Woocommerce made it possible. Fortunately, for us we have a very active and dedicated community of business owners and developers working collectively every day to make the platform better. 

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@TutuRentals Found this thread as we trying to figure our how to solve my client's clothing rental business need. Just want to share this app to you as it might also be helpful for you.

Also wish this info could be helpful to others who have similar need.

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Please make sure it has a Balance cod option. 


E.g. I sell a big ticket item, I require a $500 deposit at time of order, and the balance paid On Delivery of the item.


Do you have an eta when this app will be ready ? it is going to be a heavily used one

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I'm very curious to see if there has been a solution to this. 

We are a stained glass store and we make custom window panels. We require a deposit before designing and creating our work. Then we collect the remaining balance when the customer picks it up. We desperately need this deposit option as well!




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Hi Heather - I'm working with a client right now to set up Similar use case, take a 50% down payment and then charge the rest when it's time to ship. They let you set up payment plans on an automated schedule or capture manually. No setup or monthly fee, but charge 5% per transaction (instead of Shopify Basic's 2.9%). Could be a solution for you. 

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Just adding my request for deposit app to the mix. We have a new party rental business but also sell items. We choose Shopify for ease of use.

I need both the travel and rental features listed above. ie I want to take a part payment for the rental as it's expensive. Shortly before the booking I want to take not only the balance but also charge a damage deposit. The damage deposit will be refunded when the items are returned.

These features would need to integrate with one of the availability calendar apps. Annoyingly none of the availability apps in the app store allow for deposits.

Booqable (not on the app store but you can add code and make it work) looked to have the right features but it doesn't use the Shopify cart and that's causing issues. I just want everything to be on Shopify.


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My company sells equipment to hairdressers but with this current pandemic, I want to give more value ... but I can’t reduce the product cost. 

I’d like to take a set deposit of £30.00 per piece of equipment. With different bundles available to build. We would then rent the equipment to them and be paid either monthly or weekly upfront. 
I want it to be easily cancellation, no contract, monthly or weekly payment collected from a card. 

Has anyone developed this app yet or can be of assistance? 
Thanks very much !



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Nice work David!
is there any way to try this feature?


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Hope you have a great year ahead!

We have recently released an app that could help you Manage Deposits and Partial Payments in your store. This feature is something that has been talked about for a long time and there has been no app that seems to help merchants with it.

We have been talking with merchants and also looking over the questions that you guys have posted in several threads regarding deposits and payments management. Our app is still in the early stages so we might have some things missing but we would love to connect with you and see how we could help your store with deposits and payments. Here is the link to our app


Team Depo