Digital Downloads API?

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It looks like there's no API for the Digital Downloads app? So, there's really no automated way of uploading a lot of digital content for our catalog? (We have thousands of digital files. I can't see doing all that by hand.)


It exists dear! With Shopify's Digital Downloads app, you can upload digital files like videos, songs, and graphic art as products in your store. When a customer purchases the digital product, they receive a link to download the file.


The three main sections in the Digital Downloads app are:

  • Dashboard - View, edit, and set up digital products.
  • Orders - See all orders containing digital products that have been purchased through your store.
  • Settings - Personalize email templates and checkout options.

I found this content in the user manual of apps by Shopify. >>


Also, an app called SendOwl would help in selling digital files and downloads. It provides instant and automatic delivery and proven performance. 

Hope this is useful to you. 
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None of this information answers the question. I'm also looking for a way to automate adding digital downloads through an API. The Digital Downloads app does not provide one, and while SendOwl does have an API it doesn't seem to have the features needed to add a download to an existing Shopify Product.

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I m looking for the same thing.


I tried digital downloads, flickrocket and sendowl and up to now... no success. I m. building an app to download directly the assets from there, but I can´t implement it because of that... I ll continue investigating and I ll update the thread if I find something.

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Finally I managed it.


I am using sendOWL. Then, I have created a Lambda function in Amazon that gives me back the URL of sendOWL from a title that provides and some customer information to validate the request (I use email, Id and createdAt fields to verify the access).


If anyone wants more details, just let me know it or write me an email to



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Just started looking into this. Cool you got it to work. I'll email you for details.