Digital downloads & protecting customers against repeat purchases

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I am currently in research mode, have decided on shopify, and theme, but I have no idea as to the best apps to use to get the desired abilities of my store.

I will mainly be a digital download storefront. I want my customers to be able to download purchases as many times as they need (usually never more than about 10-15 times per download max.) But I want them to NOT be able to purchase any given design more than once. and possibility of physical goods originating from my studio, but not sure about that one yet.

I am also looking  for customizable abandoned cart emails, ratings with customer picture upload ability, a wish list, and blog/vlog section to set up how-to videos and tutorials (linked to youtube or some other video service).

please tell me your favorites, and if allowed, please list your site in your response so i can see if i like the apps you're suggesting.



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Howdy @razorcat


All the desired ability that you wish for your store is achievable easily. The only requisite is more clear details, you can contact us by clicking here for further fruitful and goal-oriented conversation. Personal communication will also help us to know your needs in a better way.