Dimensional shipping starting at $9.99/mo

Hey everyone!

I am thrilled to announce that Smart Boxing is officially live in the Shopify App Store!

Smart Boxing solves everyone's most significant shipping pain point with Shopify, the lack of product dimensions, and only having one default box size that is sent off to carriers for live rate calculations. If you only fulfill orders using one box size, this usually won't impact you. However, if you ship orders using multiple box sizes and face vastly varying shipping costs, you will be continuously over and undercharging your customers for shipping. My parents are small makers, and I have seen first-hand how soul-crushing it can be to spend hours making an item by hand only to lose money on the order because of charging incorrectly for shipping.

Smart Boxing lets you assign dimensions for your store's products and the box sizes you fulfill (ship) with. At checkout, our proprietary SmartBoxing algorithm will determine the most efficient packing for an order, returning accurate live rates.

My favourite feature is poly mailer support. I love poly mailers since they are cheap, take up less space in your stockroom (even if that's your garage!), and take on the dimensions of the products inside of them. Our FlexDims feature has a flexible 3rd dimension, meaning that it expands and contracts depending on what product(s) fit inside. This means that you can have fewer package sizes on hand and still have the accuracy you need at checkout. Talk about a win-win.

The app is free to install and configure. Once you have tested your setup and are good to go live, you will have a free 14-day trial to see it in action in your store.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our success team at support@intuitiveshipping.com, and they will be happy to help. We also have a Help Center that guides you through how to set up the app. 

Just a note that if you are on the Basic or Shopify plan that Shopify requires you to have the third-party calculated shipping rates feature to use any third-party shipping app. You can get this feature for free if you switch to annual billing, which also saves you 10% on your Shopify subscription (all of our Intuitive Shipping users go this route). Alternatively, you can add it for $20/mo a-la-carte. You have to contact Shopify directly to add this feature to your store. Unfortunately, we have no control over this requirement. 

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As a fellow developer, I am bumping this thread. Godspeed !

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Awesome that you're solving this problem! I wish there were a way to handle similar functionality when linking products to Ebay or other app integrations.  Any chance there's a cross-platform aspect to this?