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Hi all,

Im trying to offer customers a bit of help during brexit.  We are UK based and with the brexit complications we want to offer them some form of rebate on their purchase.


We currently charge the RRP which we haven't reduced by 20%.  The reason for this in July the IOOS system is coming into place and we will collect the 20% \and pay the VAT on their behalf for seamless delivery.  So we want a short term solution to help customers rather than lowering all the prices by 20% only to increase them again.


So I'm looking for something that will trigger on a purchase from a custom with a specific tag (we will use flow to tag customers country).  Then after purchase, say an order worth £50 will send them a discount code or gift card for £10.  So it has to be based on a % of the order value.  That way they at least get back any fees they have to pay when they receive the goods in advance for the next purchase.


I can't find anything like that.  Anyone got any ideas?

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Hi Simon,

We can literally make just what you’ve described. It would use orders webhook and listen for an order then check the total value, check the customer tag then finally send off an email

We recently put some pricing together for our custom apps. Please take a look and see if you might be interested:

Always happy to provide more details.


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Hi @SimonTonic, I'm Neomi from the app,

We specialized in gift cards & loyalty store credit solutions.

Using flows you can reward your customer with a fixed amount or a % amount of their purchase (and some smarter rules to help you increase AOV). 

The customers will  receive store credit they will be able to use in their next purchase

Check out our listing page, and feel free to reach out at