Discount Multiple Products DIFFERENTLY with the same code

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We are moving our site over to Shopify and I was terribly surprised they don't allow different discounts on different products with the same code.  For example, we make a catalog that says:

  • To receive discounts, use coupon code F20E

The catalog may have 100 different products all discounted from normal pricing but none of them discounted the same. We may have:

  • With coupon F20E save $10 from product A
  • With coupon F20E save 5% on product B
  • With coupon F20E get 100 of product C for low price of $$

The point is, they all have the same code but have different discounts attached.  Is there an app that can do this? This is a deal breaker for us and we will have to drop Shopify if we can't get real discounts tied to advertising to work online.

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Where you able to find an app that worked for you?

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