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Hi Everybody. 


I've got a website, and for Balck Friday - i am looking for an app, which can do follow things:


Make automated Discount. 


Like if you spend 100$ - you'll get 15% of all of your cart. 

If you spend 150$ - you'll get 20% 

And at last - if you spend 200$ - you'll get 25% discount on your whole cart. 


I've tried some different apps - but they all got in common, that they create a promotion code instead of an automated discount - which is the thing i am looking for. 


Unfortunately shopifys own discount generator will only accept 1 automed discount pr. day - and unfortunately it does not give me the oppurtinity for the type of discounts as mentioned above. 



Please help - or recommend an app that could fullfill my needs. 


Kindest regards  

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App Selly has motivator feature that may help you:

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Hi Chris

This is a list of best discount apps for Shopify. I hope it helps you

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