Discount based on customer, but also conditional based on 'compare at' price

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Hello all!

I'm sure that title is hard to understand, but I struggled to explain it in a few words. Thanks in advance for reading and any help anyone can offer.


We have setup a store where we are selling items at a significant but varying discount from the "compare at" price. We are also offering an additional discount to certain tagged customers. This discount takes the form of 25% off the "compare at" price, or just our regular price, whichever is less. So if an item is already more than 25% off the "compare at" price, there's no further discount. 


We need this discount to be automatic when those customers are logged in, and we need it to be shown on product and collection pages. As opposed to requiring a discount code, and only being displayed in the cart or at checkout. 


Can anyone point us in the right direction?