Discount code app that allows for single code for different discounts

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We are looking for an app that would allow us to use the same coupon code name for a discount on various products on different days (and allow us to schedule the start and end date). 


For example - running a 10-day flash sale promo, with a different product on sale each day (and different % off), all using the same coupon code name. So at the end of each day, the sale on that specific product would end and the code will now apply to a new product for the next 24 hours. 


Is there an app capable of doing anything remotely similar? So far we have not been able to find anything.


Thank you!  

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Hey @SarahP,


Well, as far as I know there is no such app for getting this functionality.

However, you can create the automatic discounts manually with the same name for certain products with start date and end date respectively so that same name coupon code can be used for multiple products on different days provided, this could be done manually.

Hope it helps!

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