Discount issue with ReCharge subscription app

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I am having issues with making discounts for my products with subscriptions made via the Recharge app. When I make a Shopify discount, I make the same discount on Recharge so that it applies to the subscription version of the products.


But I also have apps such as Brandbassador and Loox Photo Reviews that create shopify discount codes throughout the day automatically. And they create dozens of them. I do not have the time to monitor and create corresponding recharge discounts for each new Shopify discount made by these apps.


Can anyone provide insight into how to solve this problem or have run into this issue before?

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Did anyone get back to you on this?  I'm curious as to what the outcome is as we are in the process of looking for a subscription app and we also use referral discounts.  There is no way I can duplicate all those discount codes - it would be a full time job!  There's got to be a better way!