Discount not applying to cart if items out of collection are included

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Hi There,

We are running a black friday sale that offers a % off based on cart amount. It applies to all items in our store EXCEPT a product bundle that is already discounted. I am using the automatic discounts app and all of the discounts work perfectly unless someone wants to purchase the bundle and also the items that are on promotion. It will not apply the percentage off to the eligible items in the cart because it is including the ineligible item as part of the cart total.


We have a tiered automatic discount:

Spend 50, 20% off

Spend 100, 25% off

Spend 150, 35% off


Below is an image. Normally, the $72 worth of item 2 would trigger the 20% discount. But because ineligible item 1 was added, it is valuing the cart at $104 and because Item 1 is not part of the discount code, it won't auto default to the 20% discount and instead says it's ineligible for the 25% discount. Is there any way around this?


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