Discount off a single item?

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Hi Stacy,

I am Jinal from Hektor Commerce.

In order to provide a percentage/dollar based discount for the particular product.

You may try our Discount Direct app.

What you can do with discount direct app

  • Send a special discount URL for a particular product to your abandon cart user and increase conversions.
  • Offer your existing customer a surprise discount by sending an email with discount and generate more returning customers.
  • Offer special pricing for your wholesale or bulk purchasers
  • Convert more mobile shoppers and reduce cart abandonment with automatic discounts.

Please reach out if you have any other questions or need help getting started with the app!


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I love this idea!

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I also need to be able to apply a discount code to a quantity of 1 ONLY! This is a basic functionality that I am shocked that Shopify does not have and even more shocked that there are NO APPS that will do this. VERY frustrating. Shopify should have the ability to set a maximum quantity built in.