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I have done quite a bit of research on this I need to be able to do the following without workarounds


1. Require a customer when arriving to my site (Which will be designed as soley a quotation generator system) to immediately require custom information to generate the quote before seeing anything (and send this to me)

2. When they start making the quote I assume by adding products to their quotation or cart be able to modify as they go

3. when they finally finish up what they are doing, they can "submit" quote which will send to me or if they DONT submit, when they leave the site, it will remind them of the quote via email and notify us they did something with their information and quote at certain intervals via email and send to me the items left in the quote system so i can follow up with them.


PLease let me know if this is possible!

Thank you


I have a couple questions to clarify what you're asking for.


What kind of custom information are you trying to collect for step 1? How would this information be used to generate the quote?

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