Do I need to shut down the app? - my trial shopify account has expired.

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Do I need to shut down the app? - my trial shopify account has  expired.

I created a trail shopify account, and then added a trial app. The app is due to bill me tomorrow,

 as the trial ends. But I am unable to login to close down the app trail.

Just hoping I don't end up with a mess to sort out. 



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Why not play it safe? Get in touch with the support email for the trial app and have them cancel your trial account?  

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Eddy,

Jana here from the Shopify Guru team :)

As a general rule - if you didn't add a credit card to your account then our systems would have nothing to charge and you don't run any risk of that App charging you. 

However, while we are not able to discuss account details on the forums, if you reach out to us either by email, phone or live chat we can ensure that there are no pending or outstanding charges on your account, and that the store is closed properly :)

Alternately feel free to reply to this post with your .myshopify URL and I can reach out to you directly via email regarding your account. 


Jana A. | Shopify Guru