Do page builder apps increase page loading time?

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Hello. I'm just getting started with Shopify, and I'm making my website. I'm dissatisfied with the free themes available, and have been looking into either purchasing a paid theme or using a page builder. So far, I've begun the free trial of Shogun and so far its features have been perfect for making the website match the vision I have in mind for it.


My concern is that using the page builder will unacceptably increase the website load time. I do intend to make the design feature-lite, but I have read that simply using page builders adds many lines of unnecessary code that slows down load speed. I do not have the technical knowledge to validate or dismiss this claim, and I do not wish to spend a lot of time designing a website to learn that it loads too slowly for my customizations to be worthwhile.


By how much does a page builder (such as Shogun or PageFly) increase website load time? Is it worthwhile to pay for a premium theme instead (that I will not be able to customize to my exact specifications, but will likely look passable after some time spent with it)? I lack any sort of coding knowledge and learning an entire coding language so that I can customize my website is something I simply do not have time for.


Thank you in advance.

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This is an accepted solution.

They will add to the load times as they'll very likely be adding in their own custom CSS. So at best, they'll be adding extra bytes to download. Whether the impact of that is something you need to worry about is debatable. You'd need to compare the before/after and weigh up if the added features the tool brings is worth any minor speed loss.

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