Do you sell items made of multiple parts?

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Our website sells gift boxes that comprise multiple parts that we need to keep track of. When we launched, we tried several solutions that were supposedly designed to allow you to manage stock for these, but none of them worked for us and so we ended up developing our own, which is working great.

This system allows us to order component parts that make up the complete product, manage inventory, Shopify orders, etc. In addition it provides current actual cost of production for each box and tells us what we need to order based on minimum order quantities. Recently we implemented a remote pick and pack screen, that lists all orders that have come in and what needs packing for each.

The reason for this post is to see if anyone would be interested in becoming a beta for us next year (totally free) as we look to open our system up to other shopify users. If so, drop me a mail to or reply to this post with any questions - we'd love to hear from you.

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Would love to discuss our needs with you regarding this.