Do you want a PDF catalog for your products? Looking for feedback on new app


I have recently published Shop-2-Doc Catalogs. It's an app for generating PDF catalogs based on products in your store.


Even though it's a paid app, there is a 7 day free trial so you can easily produce your catalog and then uninstall the app. Catalog creation is not a chore - it only takes as little as a couple of minutes from installation to download. Of course, if you want to heavily customize the catalog, you can take your time adding fonts and colors, changing the layout, adding extra pages, etc.


Why is it a paid app if you can simply produce your catalog and then uninstall? Because a subscription helps if you need to regenerate your catalog as your store inventory changes - you can even have the app regenerate catalogs daily if there are any relevant changes to your store.


I'd love to hear your feedback if you have the time and inclination to give it a go (this is a brand new app so let's hope everything goes smoothly)!






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Print or download a PDF catalog for your store in minutes - Shop-2-Doc