Does anyone know of a cookie notice plugin available where users opt in to tracking?

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I'm currently in the process of making my website GDPR complaint and am looking for a plugin or some code I can add, so users are aware that cookies are being stored in their browsers. Because I use Google Analytics, I need to ensure the cookie Isn't loaded untill the user agrees or closes the notice. Looking on the app store I can't anything out there which does this. 

Does anyone know of anything I can use? 



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I too need something like this, before 24th May. :-)


Hi, I'm Sarosha from Aiva!

You can look into our overlay builder to create a branded GDPR compliant campaign for your website to inform users about their cookies being stored. 

Here are a few examples of what we have as templates already:

You can either direct users to "learn more" or "opt-in" based on your preference. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance creating campaigns!

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Hi, ewabluemoon, You may like this EU GDPR cookie bar: Just One-Click One-click to install the app. It only takes you one-click to finish the banner setup. The clients' consent to cookies with just one-click. No Code and Stable EU GDPR Cookie Bar is no code. There is No code will be inserted into your theme when you install, and there will be no code residue after the uninstallation. Simultaneously, it is also very stable. For example, it will not always crash because of incompatible with others. Simple Interface and Easily Features The interface is very simple and there are no extra pages or features. There is no need to search and switch pages, then you could complete the setting quickly. Mobile Responsive Design GDPR is totally Mobile-Friendly and able to work seamlessly on any mobile devices in any resolution, to further improve your mobile-users' experiences. Works with All Theme and Loox/Spocket The app does not affect your website. It would not delay the loading speed of the website and does not affect other elements of the website. It applies to any theme and is compatible with other apps. Like Oberlo, Loox. Banner Type Customize The elements in the banner are all up to you. All displayed text, the button color, font color and so on. Just Open to Europen Countries Although the GDPR cookies specification may not only apply to EU countries, we provide you with features that are just open to EU countries. Check it and the cookies banner will be open to EU countries or all clients.