Does this really work ?

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Hey everyone I've been hearing all this chatter about ecomm turbo to help boost your shopify store and I'm not sure how legit it is but I've heard amazing reviews on it , does anyone know how legit this is ? help please!!
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They are using a Wordpress free site instead of hosting their own site, so that seems a little suspicious. They also didn't have great screenshots of their interface, so I would steer clear of them. 


I would recommend purchasing your theme from a place like Creative Market ( because they provide certain protections to their customers and a lot of the sellers there provide support for their themes. It's a much safer place to buy from. 


Good luck!

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Really? The only chatter is that which you've tried to start in two separate threads, here and at


Then, on this post ( you talk about how it "helped [you] tremendously."


Shady. Very, very shady.


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I couldn't access that link somehow,


But, I agree with Jason, it is quite shady to go this way. Consider reviewing your marketing strategies :D

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