Donating a 100% proceeds of a particular product to Charity? How To? App?

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Hello - I hope I posted this in the correct forum - my apologies if not, just looking for help! 


Due to Covid 19 - I am making fabric masks and want to donate 100% proceeds of the mask orders to a charity. I have a store selling woman's clothing and want to integrate this into my shopify store. 


How can I create a product listing for one particular item that 100% of it will be donated to a charity? What I mean is that I would like to offer our customers the option to purchase the masks, the money they pay (minus shipping) goes straight to the charity directly and I ship them the product.

Any advice on how to create this listing, handle the and shipping, as well as provide our customers with a tax benefit receipt would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you!

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Hi @K_8 ,

What you're doing is amazing. Check out Give & Grow by pledgeling linked below. Some concerns would be do you get to decide the charity, are tax benefit receipts made available or delivered to the customer. I do know that you can give 100% of proceeds from a select product so functionality wise I think it will work.





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