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I would like to add a box of pop-up on the checkout page that gives buyers the option of making a donation in the amount of their to a non-profit that my business supports.  I've found some donation apps but none that allow the buyer to donate an amount that they choose.  Does one exist?  Thanks!


You can add a "PayPal Donate" button to your website. You may have to edit the ".liquid" template files of the theme you are using. Here is a link where you can create a donate button.

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Hey @rich47 , welcome to the forums!

Unless you are a Shopify Plus member, you cannot edit the Checkout page.

I wrote an app that does something very similar, check out out here: Drop me an email and we can have a look at customising it for your needs!


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Hey Rich - Shopify enabled a "Tip" feature in the store. We actually configured this to allow people to "Donate" rather than "tip" at checkout. It's a pretty great tool, I just need to better understand how we track the tips! We have a charitable giving to Local Laundry, so giving customers the option to contribute to our goal of raising $1M for local charities was pretty key. There was some form editing, but it took no time at all. Hope that helps! Best of luck!