Donut Shop Complicated Order Flow: Buckle up for this one

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I'm a little in the weeds with this one. I would love advice regarding best practices and apps that would work well for this client. I'm just going to throw all the workflow rules into a bulleted list and hopefully some of you can chip away at it. For reference, the client is an online donut shop. Here goes:

  • They sell to retailers (local coffee shops, etc) AND directly to customers
  • They can only produce 650 donuts a day between both b2b and d2c, so I need a way to limit orders. The tricky part is that it's a ~total~ donut limit since there are about 10 different types she offers.
  • They only deliver on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, so I need to figure out a way to shut off deliveries for other days.
  • Orders have to be placed by 8:00 am the day prior to delivery, so I almost need a reservation of some sort?
  • Local Delivery has a few options
    1. Direct Delivery to the customer within city limits for a flat fee of $8
    2. Local Pickup - deliver to the location you choose during checkout, on the date you choose during checkout for free. There are several places within city limits to do this, including her bakery. Orders are dropped off in-bulk to those locations the morning of.
    3. Next Closest City Pickup - There are two places in the city over available for local pickup, but it's only on Thursdays.

I'm almost thinking a reservation or a duct-taped ticketing system might be better for all of this? I figured ya'll would enjoy the challenge of this one - it's a doozy.