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Hey Shopify Community!

We're Upurr and we offer a free app that it designed to increase store traffic and conversions by driving targeted shoppers to your online store. We're currently in the process of on boarding any Shopify stores that deliver to the UK and it's free to come on board and list your store.

We've already had a great response but would love more Shopify stores to get involved in what we're doing. Please feel free to list your store at store.upurr.co.uk or alternatively please let us know why you feel you would not want to list your store so that we can gain some valuable feedback to help us on our journey to supporting Shopify stores in the future.

You can see details on the Upurr Store App here : https://apps.shopify.com/upurr-store

Thanks for reading and good luck on your Shopify venture to success.