Dropshipping Shipping Booking/Label Printing Apps

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Hi All, 

I don't have very high hopes of receiving a solution, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway. 

Some background:

My business is a complex hybrid model of some held stock, and majority dropship (from local suppliers only). We deal in big bulky furniture which in Australia is classed as 'ugly freight' - as it is big, awkward, fragile etc. This limits us to the carriers that we can use. 


We have over 100 partner warehouses around the country from which we need to organise shipping pickups from - they do not organise freight for us. We have the “vendor” field against the product in Shopify, which is actually the “Supplier” in our case. 


To my knowledge there does not exist an app that can do the following for me: 


At the end of the day my holy grail would be to have essentially a dashboard where I can see all my orders that have come in, and on a case by case basis, whether by dropdown manually, or via automation rules, I can select the carrier from a list of my preferred carriers which are connected via API to the software, and bang…

1. It creates consignments for me with the relevant carriers I’ve either chosen manually, or were chosen by automation rules such as IF supplier = X and product title contains Y, then use carrier ABC.


2. It creates labels/connotes for me and pings them off to the appropriate email address for each supplier


3. It gives me tracking numbers for each job which I can push to the customer at a click of a button.


4. I get a digest style email at the end of the day with the manifest or report of all booked jobs that day in spreadsheet format, complete with tracking numbers.  


5. Bonus points: A flag against the product showing it as held stock or dropship. Why? Because even though the supplier may be based in Sydney, I am actually holding the stock. 


Asking too much? Probably! I have already had this conversation with StarshipIT, and they cannot do it - as there are too many pickup points, and they are used to dealing with pickups from just a few locations, where we have over 100. 


Does anyone know a product that can do this, or do I need to get a custom app developed?


Today I have a staff member doing all the above manually – it is costly, and prone to human error. You can understand my desire for technology to take away this pain point.