Dynamic Price Target Promotional Banner

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A simple banner to boost sales!

I've developed a dynamic banner which indicates how much left you need to spend in order to achieve a certain goal, i.e. a free item or free shipping. The banner updates every time an item is added or removed from the cart.

You can set customize the message along with the banner appearance and duration.

You can preview it here (store password: simplify):


Check it out, add and remove items from the cart and see how the banner works!

(A screenshot of the section customization: https://imgur.com/a/N74ZDCf)


I'm selling the code snippet (includes instructions if your unfamiliar with editing code) for $10.

If you're interested let me know and I can send you the code after payment. I will also provide support for further customizations should you want so you'll get bang for your buck!

The current version is designed for Debut theme but if you're using a different theme just let me know which one and I can adjust it accordingly.


Thank you for your time!