Easy Shipping Apps that allow creating regions by both postal code + state

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Very new to shopify and I am excited about the potential of my business. We are a NYC based restaurant selling highly perishable sushi making kits that are packed with dry ice, now shipping across the 48 states. I intend to sell only through UPS ground and UPS 2nd Day Air. The problem is certain parts of NY and PA state doesn't get the UPS ground within 1 day, but instead will take 2 days which is a problem. I therefore have to create a more granular region based on either zipcode or by what I would like to do, drawing on a map. I tried a few apps such as "Postcode shipping", but the problem is it requires me to list ALL zipcodes across all 48 states... that is too much work. If I had to just go granular for 1 or 2 states, fine I can do it, but I am not about to embark on becoming a zipcode expert.


So the question: Is there an app that allows you to either pick and choose counties / zip codes for each state, and at the same time just click entire states as a region? Is there an app that allows you to draw on a map and capture zipcodes automatically? Is there a better way to go about it? 

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Hi @Ryuryubu ,

Intuitive Shipping lets you set up sub-zones with zip codes that can be entered as a range. So while there is still some manual entry required, you don't have to enter each zip code individually. For example, you could identify LA County with a range like -- 90001:93591 

It's not as simple as drawing on a map and does require some work, but it's certainly better than entering dozens of individual zip codes for a region with a state. You can learn more about how to do this in Intuitive Shipping here. Additionally, you can use Intuitive Shipping to set up other shipping restrictions for products that can only ship a certain way.

If you're interested in learning more about Intuitive Shipping, please feel free to book a live demo with one of our team members.


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Hello Ryuryubu,

According to question, Shipping Rates by ZipCode app helps you to to figure our your requirement.

It has options to set zones with country selection and on rate adding page you will get various conditions like rate based on weight or price. As well as State/Providence wise, day of the week. 

So here, with this app, you need to create a zone and on the rate adding page, select a State/Providence and here option is given to enter zipcodes including or excluding.
Ex: If you want to deliver products to entire New York state then no need to enter all zipcodes, just select New York state on the rate adding page. And if you don't want to deliver on some of zipcodes in New York then add those zipcodes and select excluding option.



Here you don't need to enter a list of zipcodes for state/province/region.