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Hello, I'm confused about the Ebay "sales channel" app, and how it integrates with another integration app I want to try. I added the ebay sales channel app from Shopify, and I have several products loaded on and synced on Ebay. It's ok, but other apps seem to ha a lot more functionality I think I can benefit from... so I want to try a new marketplace integration app however, and I'm not sure if the two apps can co exist without problems. 


Has anyone encountered this? 

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Hey @AVP ,


eBay is one of the world's best online marketplace; a big platform for buyers and sellers to come together and trade almost anything. eBay is an online business where people buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide.


The eBay sales channel app (eBay’s Shopify partnership) lists your items on the eBay online marketplace. It can sync your products, manage your eBay orders easily. 


If you are already selling on eBay through eBay sales channel app but want to give the try to another integration app to check the functionality then you can consult with the 3rd integration provider who provides the solution for eBay marketplace. 


The integration apps can manage your account. You just need to inform them before setting up the app with your account.


Being a service provider, they can manage if you want to test another integration app without any interruption with your current integration & current listed products.


The other integration app can be tested with new products that are not listed on eBay. With the already using integration app you can manage your existing listing. 


When you become assured with new integrations, you can fetch current listings with the new integration app


If you need any discussion, you can contact me.