Ebay disconnected?

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i always get the notification that ebay is disconnected but when I go to ebay settings it is connected. I also already refreshed the credentials. But still the same error. The products are pushed to ebay listings but when I get an order on ebay it's not imported to Shopify.  


My credentials were showing as disconnected, this is what eBay support suggested:


Please log out of all Shopify sessions and clear your browser history/cache. Here are instructions on how to do so depending which browser you are using:


Once you have done so, please restart your browser using either a Chrome Incognito window or a Private Firefox window.

Using this new window, please access the Sales Channel again and attempt to Refresh your eBay Credentials again. 


I actually just logged into my shop from a different browser, did the refresh credentials thing, and that time it worked. So I didn't even have to follow the full browser cache steps suggested by eBay. 

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