Editing Ebay Product Fields that aren't included in Shopify Integration

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When I try to make changes to my Ebay listings, on Ebay, after using Ebay Integration Sales Channel App, I get an error message:

It looks like there's a problem with this listing. Inventory-based listing management is not currently supported by this tool. Please refer to the tool used to create this listing.

I assume that Ebay will only allow me to change these items via the App on Shopify, since this is where I posted them from.  Does anyone know if there is a way to edit products on Ebay? Or perhaps to augment the Publishing process to add data into fields not stored in Shopify? (e.g. using the tags interface etc.)

My specific problem is that Shopify does not support all of the fields available in Ebay.  In my particular case, I need to use the product packaging dimension field on Ebay to enable calculated shipping (I use large packages with many sizes) but Shopify does not have these fields.  When I try to add them after the fact, I run into the integration issue.

There are many other fields that would be useful to edit change or add information to as well.