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Hi All,


I am looking at an app which will integrate with Shopify and allow me to send emails campaigns based on the products purchased.


Also, features like tracking opens, clicks, and ability to replicate campaigns content and re-use across.


Any suggestions? I have around 4K users in the list.






You could use Mailchimp to set up a 'follow up on purchases' campaign for a specific product or collection:




You'd only need to install ShopSync to push your products and orders from Shopify to Mailchimp.


Hope that helps,


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Hey @Swapnil_Wale ,


You can try It's an all in one marketing solution specially built for Shopify ecoomerce sellers. It will definately allow you to send emails campaigns based on the products purchased. It also has the following features- 


-Email Automation

-Email Scheduling

-Customers List And Segmentation

-Email Marketing That Is Personalized And Targeted.

-Broadcast Emails

-Triggered Emails

-Prebuild Email Templates


You can Go Beyond Email Marketing With True Workflow Automation. You can also get better insights through real-time reporting. 


We also have Loyalty Rewards. Web Push Notifications, Product Reviews, ChatBot integrated together with Automation. For more details you can contact here.






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